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Gobble Up A Good Book!
Things to do in the media center this month...
4th Annual Bingham House Cup kicks off on November 20th!!! Who will own the house? Faculty House is issuing the challenge... Bring it on!   Come to the media center for details:)
  • Pick some books and self indulge during Thanksgiving Recess and get a head start on the 4th Annual Bingham House Cup! Come to the media center for details...  Earn "Marks" for your house!
  • Bee a Book Critic, critique "Beehive Award" books and win prizes!
  • Get in the Games during lunch with your friends - Jenga, Scrabble Slam, Banana Grams, Boggle, Chinese Checkers, Chess, Yahtzee, Battle Ship, Connect Four, Farkle, Playing Cards!