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Dr. Thompson's bio-

1. Have taught strings, orchestra, music theory, guitar (and sometimes Band, Music History, and even Biology mixed with Earth Science) for over 34 years--19 in Granite School District, and the rest here in Jordan School District at Bingham High--(14 years).
2. Main instrument is the Contrabass Violin--but also well-versed in bass guitar, piano, guitar, and some violin, viola, and cello.
3. Loves all types of music, but especially large ensemble--types--mainly for full symphony orchestras, who perform the great works of Beethoven, Tchaikowsky, Brahms, Sibelious, etc..
4. Loves the outdoors, especially in terms of hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, birdwatching, and studying geologic formations and forces.
5. Member of the Utah National Guard's 23rd Army Band for 25 years (and 1 more to go) acting as Platoon Sergeant in charge of logistics, and bassist in their Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Show Band.
Dr. James (Jim) W. Thompson
Teacher, Music (Orchestra, Guitar, Music Theory, Music 1010, American 20th Century Music)
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