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Be informed by attending your meetings, checking out our NHS information board, subscribing to our remind 101, and frequenting our website. 

Membership meeting October 10th 7:00am

**Check out the Meeting Minutes if you were unable to come to a membership meeting.

We are developing Leadership and Character skills. Be early to meetings. We start promptly at our posted meeting times -  our meetings are short 10-15 minutes. If you are late you will not be admitted to the meeting.

     2018-20189 Meeting Schedule                                                         

1st Semester
Sept. 12th - 2:30
Oct. 10th - 7:00
Nov. 14th - 2:30
Dec. 12th - 7:00

2nd Semester

Jan  9th -  2:30

Feb 13th - 7:00

Mar 13th - 2:30

Apr 10th - 7:00

           Closing Social May 22nd 2:30

Service Cards are due at 3:00pm on the following dates
1st semester service cards for all members: January 11, 2019

2nd semester service cards:   Seniors May 10, 2019          Juniors  May 17, 2019

Upcoming Service opportunities




Take Home NHS Service for October:

  • Make Bags Out Of Old Jeans (2 bags For 1 Hour Of Service - pick up the

Instructions and jeans to make the bags in media center) Bags are due October 31st



10 NHS Member Meeting @ 7:00am

11 Recycling Thursday, sign up required 2:30-3:30

15 Serving others through kind words, meet in the media center 2:30-3:30

17 West Jordan Senior Center service, sign up required 4:30-6:30

20 Utah food Bank 8-10:00am, sign up required

23 Fall concert ushering 6:30-7:30pm, sign up required

24 Letters to soldiers, media center 2:30-3:30

25 Recycling, sign up required. 2:30-3:30

27 Indexing, sign up required 1:00-2:30

30 Fall concert ushering, sign up required 6:30-7:30

30 Teacher Tuesday, sign up 2:30-3:30 meet in Ms. Bean's room



Donations for month of November: Fleece 2 pieces of 72"X56" for 1 hour service. Due by November 12th or you can bring your donation to the service on the 13th.


1 Recycle Thursday, sign up 2:30-3:30 media center

3 Holiday Heroes 5K, sign up required 8:00-11:00

4 Riverway Assisted Living, sign up 3:00-4:00

7 Assemble Hygiene Kits, sign up required 2:30-3:30

8 Recycle Thursday, sign up 2:30-3:30 media center

13 Teacher Tuesday, sign up 2:30-3:30 meet in Ms. Bean's room

13 Blanket tying for Huntsman Cancer Institute 2:30-3:30 media center

14 NHS membership meeting, 2:30 in the media center

14 & 16 3:00-4:00pm West Jordan Senior Center assistance, sign up required

15 Recycle Thursday, sign up 2:30-3:30 media center

16,17,19, 20 Musical Ushering, sign up required

19 Heart Attack activity, media center 2:30-3:30

24 Indexing, sign up required 1-2:30

27 Teacher Tuesday, sign up required. 2:30-3:30 meet in Ms. Bean's room

29 Recycle Thursday, sign up 2:30-3:30 media center

29 Kind Words project, media center 2:30-3:30







NHS Leadership Team 2017-2018

President(s) - Shilpi Kharidia   Rachael VanCott

VP's Service
  Darcie Bean, Macie Boswell, Camery Hibbert, Adam Smith,
  Hannah Smith, Jacob Truman, Sterling Ward, Kendel Woodburn.

Senior Secretary - Jennifer Nguyen
Historian - Allison Argueta

Publicity - Gracie Campbell
Junior VP - Jillian Bennion
Advisor - Mrs. Albrecht
Advisor - Mrs. Bean