We are pleased that your child is a part of the National Honor Society.  Membership in NHS is a privilege extended only to those students who consistently meet the established standards.  As a parent or guardian, you can help by reviewing the membership standards with your child and helping them take personal responsibility for the obligations that come with membership.
Members of the National Honor Society are held to higher standards than other students.  Each member of the NHS must:
  • maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.700 or higher each semester.
  • attend a minimum of two chapter meetings per semester.  We encourage students to attend all of the meetings, but they must attend at least two. Meetings start promptly at 7:00am or 2:30pm. Late students will not be admitted.
  • complete twenty-four hours of service per semester; twelve of those hours serving in NHS sponsored activities.  Members of the NHS must turn in a complete and honest service card each semester before the due date.
  • pay dues each year.
  • act with honor in their classes and within the organization.  Cheating in any capacity is grounds for dismissal from the NHS.
We have outstanding students in Bingham High’s chapter of the National Honor Society. Most are committed, responsible, service-oriented, students who regularly demonstrate an ability to meet the standards.
We occasionally have a student who fails to meet expectations. When this happens, the student is normally put on probation and given time to correct any deficiencies. If, while on probation, the student continues to fail to measure up to the standards, he or she is dropped from the organization.  We do not wish to lose anyone, but we are obligated to maintain the same standards for each member.
Please support us in our endeavor to protect the integrity of the organization and maintain the distinction that membership in the National Honor Society affords.  As Advisors, we must hold each of our members to an equal standard of achievement.  Students may lose interest in their NHS membership or sometimes become too busy with other activities to meet the standards.  If that is the case, we will find it necessary to drop those students from our rolls.  Should your child lose their membership, please refrain from soliciting an exception to the standards on their behalf.
An answer to common questions about the NHS can be found on this website.  If you have any additional questions regarding policies, procedures, or events, please feel free to contact one of the advisors via e-mail.

Mrs. Albrecht

Mrs. Bean

Mr. Fordham