National Honor Society

Policy Reminders



We are excited to welcome back returning members and welcome in all the new members.  You are a part of Bingham High’s largest student organization. We do everything in our power to help our members be successful. The motto of National Honor Society is Character, Service, Leadership, and Scholarship.  Character means you practice honesty, integrity, and other skills that build you morally.  Service means you participate in projects to help the school and community.  Leadership means you practice social skills and character skills that will help you be leaders in the future.  Scholarship means you maintain good grades while serving others and meeting your responsibilities. We do not want there to be any reason for you to lose your good standing in the National Honor Society. That being the case, these are the policies that must be followed.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Character: NHS students are expected to maintain honesty.  Our policy is that students who cheat, lie, act without honor, etc. will be dismissed on the spot.  If one of your teachers reports to us that there is an issue with your integrity, you will be dismissed from the National Honor Society.

2. Service: You are required to complete 24 of service each semester. 12 hours of NHS sponsored service and 12 hours of individual service each semester.  Remember 12 hours must be in NHS sponsored activities. The other 12 can be from service of your choice. Service performed in connection with an NHS project may be used for either NHS or individual service hours, but individual hours cannot be used to replace NHS sponsored service.  We will have several NHS Team Leadership service opportunities scheduled each month along with consistent week day NHS service opportunities. Our weekly service opportunities are available so you can choose when it fits your schedule, however you must get approval to sign up for more than 2 of each weekly service per semester.  You will have many service opportunities to choose from. Do not wait until the end of the semester to start your service. Time extensions will not be considered. Due dates are firm and are posted on the service card. You will need to make NHS a priority to succeed.

When you complete your service hours, you need to write them on your service card.  You will get two different colored cards one for 1st semester and one for 2nd semester.  There is a place on the card for your name and grade.  There are also places for you to write in what you did for service along with a signature line.  For individual hours, have whoever is in charge of the project sign it off. In contrast with that, NHS service hours must be signed for by Mrs. Albrecht, Mrs. Bean, or Mr. Fordham - no one else.  They cannot be signed off by parents, students, or other teachers. If your card does not have the correct signatures, it will not be accepted.  Please also note that you should have your cards signed off within a week of performing the service.

Service cards will not be accepted after the due date.  Turn them in early if you can. You can turn in your card anytime up until 3pm on the day that they are due, but it is NOT a good idea to wait until the last minute.  *** If the NHS service requires a sign-up for the service opportunity and you do not show up for the service you are denying another NHS member the service opportunity. If this is a common occurrence you will be placed on probation.  

3. Leadership: You need to plan your time and attend the chapter meetings.  Our meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month, in the Media Center (May is the exception and is our closing social which is not counted toward attendance requirements).  The time rotates between a before school and an after school meeting. You should attend every meeting.  You must attend a minimum of two meetings each semester to maintain good standing.  Meetings are your best source of information about what is going on in the NHS.  It is important that you sign the roll at these meetings.  If your signature does not appear on the roll, you will not receive credit for being in attendance. Meetings start on time, you are expected to be seated when the meeting starts - members who come after the meeting has started will be turned away.

4. Scholarship: NHS members must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.700 or higher.  Very few students in NHS struggle with this requirement.  Whether or not you do, scholarship is only one aspect of NHS.  There are a lot of Bingham students with high grades. What sets you apart is that you maintain those grades while also performing service, demonstrating leadership, and exhibiting character.

5. Membership Dues: All members will be expected to pay dues.  This helps pay for your organization affiliation, shirt, and supplies throughout the year. You need to pay your money and turn in the receipt to maintain good standing. To receive a NHS shirt you will need to pay your dues AND turn in your shirt order form on the date assigned.  If we don’t have that information, we cannot order you a shirt.  Your NHS shirts should be worn to every chapter meeting, service project, or anytime you serve as a representative of the National Honor Society, eg., ushering during the musical or working during Parent Teacher Conferences.

6. Keep informed: If you have questions in general, ask us.  As always…you can find our NHS website under the Academics pulldown, there you will see the calendar, upcoming service opportunities, Leadership & membership lists, policy reminders, the bylaws, and pictures of our members serving our school and community.  You may also sign up to receive meeting reminders and other NHS announcements via text.  This is only a courtesy.  The responsibility is yours to know where you should be and what you should be doing.

7. Probation: If you fall short of meeting the expectations for NHS members, there is a process for correcting the problem.  You will first be placed on probation and given one semester to show that you can achieve the established standards of performance.  If after that semester you have done well, you will be taken off probation. If the original problems were never resolved, or if you ended up with additional problems, you will be permanently dismissed. There is no 2nd semester probation available for Seniors.

We want you to succeed!   If you have questions, please see

Mrs. Albrecht, Mrs. Bean, or Mr. Fordham.