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Disclosure Form This is a mandatory disclosure form for ALL my classes. This must be reviewed and signed by the student and their parent/guardian.

Rebecca Rigby Room V202 OFFICE HOURS 2:25-2:55 pm Phone 801-256-5100

The focus for our multimedia classes is to teach skills that will prepare students for entry-level multimedia positions and skills that are necessary for other occupations. Students will gain an awareness of career opportunities.

Bingham High’s dress code will be enforced in my classes. You can find the dress code on Bingham’s (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. website.

Much of the work done in my classes requires specific software that most of you will not have on your computers at home so it is difficult to make up work. Students need to be in class whenever possible. Make up will require the student to come to my classroom outside of class. I allow students to work on assignments after school from 2:30-3:00 most days.

We will be using Canvas in all of my classes. Students who are absent can see what they missed here. Tutorials, directions due dates etc. will be available. Students must check Canvas first, then come to me with any questions.

Students will be given 10 days to make up work after an absence. (Extension may be granted under extreme circumstances at teacher’s discretion).


Students who are tardy must sign tardy sheet. I will adjust attendance based on the tardy sheet. If a student doesn't sign the tardy sheet it will remain an absence.

The multimedia classes have a class fee of up to $5. Students will need to bring a notebook and pencil to this class every day. Students should also have a flash device.


You will receive points for every homework assignment, classroom project and test you complete and turn in.
The points will be added up and the percentage earned will determine your grade. Grades will be calculated
using the standard scale.
If you are absent during a test you must schedule a retake with instructor within one week of absence.
Starters must be completed at start of class to receive credit. You can not make these up (if you are absent you will be exempted from the starter for that day).
Being absent does not excuse the student from completing missed work even if it’s a school excused absence.
Extra credit may be available throughout the course at teachers discretion.
Due dates of assignments will be posted on Canvas it is students responsibility to keep note of these due dates.
Late Work- students that miss the deadline for an assignment can turn it in until the term cutoff date. Points may be deducted based on assignment value. Starters CANNOT be made-up. If you are absent you will be excused from the starter but if you are here it must be completed during time given in class.
Redo’s-students may redo a project for a higher grade, cutoff for each project will be listed in Canvas.
Rules and Expectations In addition to rules set forth by Bingham High

Be respectful -Come prepared, listen and participate in class discussions, don’t interrupt, treat others with kindness - NO BULLYING,
Students will often be able to use images from their personal electronic devices for their class project. Teacher will direct students when they can use these devices.
Students using them during class discussions, tests or other times not approved by teacher will be given 1 warning and then will lose the privilege to use their devices in any form during class.
No food allowed in the classroom
Students found to be cheating on any assignment or test in any way will receive an F for that assignment and not allowed to make up the missing points.

Rewards for appropriate behavior

Praise in classroom, class awards, email or note home to parents and others at teachers discretion.

Consequences for inappropriate behavior

Warning to student, private conference, referral to administration, loss of class room equipment, fine for damaged equipment and/or email to parents.

These classes teach skills that can be used in future careers. I am really excited to show you the tools and tricks of the trade and see where you can take it. I’ve been really impressed with what the students did last year and can’t wait to see what happens this year. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns throughout the year.

Rebecca Rigby