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UPDATE (06/29/2017): The Land Trust Funding Distribution for Bingham High School for the 2017-2018 school year is $237,010.00. This dollar amount is an estimate and is subject to change based on fluctuations in student population.

Bingham High’s current School Community Council has a number of members who are parents of our juniors and seniors.  We would be happy to add more members who are parents of those students, but are specifically looking to add parents who have sophomore students.  We meet four times a year, roughly once a quarter.  Decision making and plan approval require a majority vote from a quorum of Council members.  In order to assure that a quorum is available at each meeting, it is imperative that all Council members attend and actively participate in each of the four meetings throughout the school year.   

The Utah State Legislature passed a law in 2000 requiring every public school in the state to establish a School Community Council at the school-site level (Utah Code. Section 53A-1a-108). Two years later the legislature passed a second bill mandating several changes in the duties, powers and membership of the School Community Councils in Utah. This law took effect July 1, 2002. In accordance with state law, “Each public school, in consultation with its local school board, shall establish a school community council at the school building level.”  Duties of the Community Council include the following: 

·         Develop a School Improvement Plan

·         Develop a School LAND Trust Program

·         Assist in the development and implementation of a Staff Development Plan

·         Advise and make recommendations to school and District administrators and to the School Board when appropriate

·         Create subcommittees and task forces as needed             

There [will be] four meetings scheduled for the 2017-18 school year: 

·         To be determined and posted (approximately early August 2017)

To become a member of the council, please download and fill out the document “2017-2018 SCC Candidate Application Form” (hard copies of the Candidate Form are available in the main office).  Completed Candidate Forms must be received in the Main Office before 3:00 PM on Friday, September 1, 2017. 

For additional information, please contact Bryan Veazie, Assistant Principal, at 801-256-5118 or  



Bingham High School Administration


School Children’s Trust

School Community Council Training's (optional)

Fall 2017

The School Children’s Trust conducts trainings each fall.  All school community council members are invited to participateThe trainings are not required.  Each year they are held in different locations across the state.  These trainings are not intended to replace the training you receive under the direction of your local school board or local charter board but provide additional information that is relevant to councils.  The agenda allows participants to choose two breakout sessions on topics such as Training for Officers, Basic 101 for New Council Members, Understanding Testing Data, New Responsibilities for Councils, How to Prepare an Effective Plan, Legislative Issues related to Councils, and Sharing What Councils do Beyond the Requirements.


  • To be determined and posted (approximately early August 2017)
  • To be determined and posted (approximately early August 2017)



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