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PTSA Stop Tobacco campaign lunch activity

PTSA Stop Tobacco campaign lunch activity
4/4/2023, 10:30 AM 1:00 PM

Bingham High School


So, the activity will be a mini slap Jack tournament. I sort of picture one table on the lunchroom stage, and two down below, but do we have smaller tables - like card table size? That way we could do 4 students at a table, all with the same reach to the middle. Or we can use the larger tables and do two games with two students on each side. Either way, the students at the lower tables win their way up to the table on stage. 

The cards we are planning on using are specially designed with anti-tobacco messages on all of them, but I haven't received them yet. 
Anyway, that's probably 3 tables - 8 chairs around the two lower tables, and 4 around the table on the stage. 

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