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BHS Attendance Policy Summary 


Bingham High School faculty and staff are committed to the success of each student. Students are expected to be in class and on time. A copy of the full policy can be found using this link. Below is a summary of the policy. 

Teachers will mark attendance as appropriate. The following attendance codes will count as an infraction of the attendance policy: 

  • Tardy (T): 0-10 Minutes late. 
  • Way Late (W): 10-45 minutes late 
  • Truancy (Z): skipped class or left without permission and didn’t return. 
  • Unexcused Absence (A): 46 min late or not attending class at all. No guardian excusal. ● Unexcused Check-in (U): Checked in with the attendance office with no guardian excusal 

If a student reaches any one of the attendance thresholds their academic grade will be masked with a “U”. The attendance thresholds (3-3-1) are: 

  • A combination of 3 unexcused absences or way lates. 
  • Or 3 tardies. 
  • Or 1 truancy. 

Attendance Flag- the “U” as an academic grade: 

The masking of the academic grade with a “U” signifies to the parents, teacher and student there is an attendance problem. The student will then want to make arrangements with the teacher to remediate the “U”. This will be done through an attendance contract with the teacher. If the student fulfills the obligation of the contract the “U” will be removed and the academic grade will be visible again. 

The end of each Quarter: 

If the student hasn’t resolved their attendance issues by the end of the quarter the teacher will give the student a “U” in citizenship and the academic grade will be released to the grade that was earned (A, B, C…). The “U” in citizenship will now need to be made up through the administrative team in conjunction with the attendance tracker. If a student fails to make up their “U” in citizenship it will become a permanent part of their transcript. 

Note to Parents/Guardians: 

Please encourage your student(s) to be in class each day and on time. And, please excuse your students' absences within 5 days.


Bingham High School provides computerized attendance information, updated daily, to assist parents/guardians and students. Students and parents/guardians may check class grades and attendance records through the Skyward gradebook system. In addition, parents/guardians may set their own preferences in Skyward for receiving Skylerts by phone, e-mail, or text message to notify them of absences on a daily basis. A link to Skyward gradebook is provided at In addition, parents/guardians may check attendance by calling the attendance office at (801) 256-5110 between 7:00 a.m. and 2:45 p.m.