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Parents and Students of Bingham High School, 

Parking space at Bingham High is a limited resource. "Parking in the parking lot is a privilege, a parking permit does not guarantee you a parking spot." Bingham High School will issue parking permits to Seniors and Juniors who wish to park on campus.  Parking will be on a first come first serve basis.  Purchase of a permit DOES NOT guarantee availability. Additional parking is located along 2200 West if space is not available on campus Sophomore students are not eligible for a parking permit or allowed to park anywhere on campus. 

Seniors & Juniors 

Parking permit applications for Seniors and Juniors are available online at then Resources then Parking. Bring a valid driver’s License and payment on Picture Day (August 09th for Juniors and August 10th for Seniors) to pick up the permit. 

Refer to the permit purchase requirements listed below.

Requirements for Permit Purchase 

Everyone wishing to obtain a parking permit must have ALL the following in their possession in order to purchase:

  • The parent's signature form downloaded, completed, and signed by the parent and brought at the time of permit purchase;



  • A valid driver’s license for the student driver applying for the permit must be shown at the time of permit purchase; 


  • A license plate number or temporary license number for ONE car to be listed on the permit; 


  • A $20 permit fee (payable at the time of purchase, not registration); 


  • Confirmation that all outstanding student fees and fines have been paid in full; 


  • Confirmation that all outstanding parking tickets have been paid in full; 

Ineligible Students 

Sophomores are not eligible for parking permits. Sophomores parking on campus will result in a $20 parking fine and loss of eligibility for the following year's Junior permit lottery. 

Junior or Senior students who will not have a driver’s license issued by August 21, 2023, or who have a birthday afterward can apply for a parking permit. Once they receive a valid driver’s license, these students can bring their driver’s license information to the Main Office, at which time they can purchase a permit. 

If you have any questions refer to the FAQ (below) before calling the Main Office at (801) 256-5100. 


Bingham High School Administration


Q: My sibling also attends Bingham, but on a different schedule – can we both get a parking permit?

A: Srs – Yes, Jrs - Yes – Sophomores - No

Q: I have access to more than one car, can I get a permit for all the cars I might drive to school? 

A: Srs – Yes, Jrs -Yes – Sophomores – No  - Must purchase separately for $20

Q:  I am a Senior with a license, but I won’t have a car before August 21, 2023. What can I do?

A:  You can purchase a permit, which will be held at the Main Office until you can provide valid registration for the car you intend to drive. 

Q: I received a permit, but decided to carpool with some friends instead. Can I give/sell my permit to my sibling/friend? 

A: Permits are non-transferrable under any circumstance, and are unique to each driver and vehicle.