2017-2018 Reflections Contest

Theme: “Within Reach”

7 Categories: Film, Music, Dance, Literature, Photography, 2D & 3D Visual Arts

Jordan District Region 6 Reflections Awards January 11, 2018

Dance Choreography

Award of Merit

            Brenden Ballard “Gaining Confidence”

            Kaylan Christensen “Reaching for My Sister”


Film Production

Award of Excellence

            Katelyn Swain “Reaching to Change the World Through Kindness”

Award of Merit

            Kaylan Christensen “Baby Bear’s Big Adventures Within Reach”



Award of Excellence

            Kaylan Christensen “Finding Hannah”

            Anna Humphrey “Counting to Infinity”

Special Artist Award of Excellence

            Kirsten Trebesch “I Rise”


Music Composition

Award of Excellence

            Jillian Jarvis “Within Reach”



Award of Merit

            Katelyn Swain “Within Reach of New Heights”


2D Visual Arts

Award of Excellence

            Sanila Math “Jar of Stars”


3D Visual Arts

Award of Excellence

            Kaylan Christensen “Reaching for My Dreams”

            Elena Southworth “Droplets of the Sky”