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Parking Lottery Juniors ONLY

Lottery Drawing - JULY 19 – AUGUST 02
Beginning Friday, July 19 through Monday, August 02, 2022, Juniors register for the Lottery Drawing by scanning the QR
code on the school website. Remaining parking permits will be issued after the Senior-Only Window closes. At 1:00 PM August
02, the Lottery Drawing registration will close in preparation for the Lottery Drawing at 2:00 PM that same day.
Each Lottery Drawing registrant will receive a unique, sequential ID number (UID), beginning with number 1. Since the Lottery
Drawing is a random process, the order of registration is completely irrelevant; students registering earlier will have no
advantage over students registering later.
At 2:00 PM on August 02, one UID will be randomly selected as the starting point for permit sales. Students holding UIDs equal
to or greater than the drawn UID will be given the option to purchase a parking permit starting August 03 through August 17,
2022. Refer to the permit purchase requirements listed below.
Lottery Example: 500 Juniors registered for the lottery, receiving UIDs 1- 500. On August 02 it was determined that
300 parking permits remain unsold. A random drawing produced UID 275 as the lottery starting point. A Skyward
message is sent alerting all registrants of the staring UID number, inviting all students holding UIDs 275 – 500, as well
as students holding UIDs 1 – 75 to come and purchase permits by AUGUST 17 at 2:00 PM. Students holding UIDs 76
– 274 (and subsequent registrants) comprise the Wait List.