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Bingham 2024 Graduation

Dear Senior Students and Parents/Guardians,


Congratulations! Your senior student is a potential Bingham High School graduate as a member of the Class of 2024. For both you and your student, this is the culmination of thirteen years of academic diligence. We commend you for your efforts and hope that this year’s graduation ceremony will be an appropriate tribute to those efforts. The graduation ceremony will be held on Thursday May 30, 2024 at 5:30 p.m. at the UCCU Event Center on the campus of Utah Valley University. On graduation day, graduates should arrive at the UCCU Event Center no later than 4:30 p.m. In an effort to help things go smoothly on that day, please review this important information.


PRACTICE: Graduation practice will be held on Wednesday May 29, 2024 from 7:30 - 10:00 a.m. in the auditorium at Bingham High School. Student attendance at this graduation rehearsal is highly requested. Please ensure your student is on time.


GRADUATE DRESS: The graduation commencement ceremony is a formal and dignified in-person school sponsored activity which has significant meaning for graduates, parents, families, staff, and the community. The commencement ceremony, from the opening of the processional to the completion of the recessional, honors the collective achievement of the graduating class. In order to maintain the dignity, decorum, propriety, and respect of the commencement ceremony, the following is expected of all participants:

  1. Conduct, dress and appearance are to adhere to the provisions in this policy and be appropriate for a ceremony of this nature.
  2. Graduates are expected to wear the prescribed cap and gown without alterations.
  3. Graduates will be allowed to wear recognized items of religious or cultural significance in a dignified manner.
  4. Formal, semi-formal, or customary dress attire is appropriate for a commencement ceremony.
  5. School issued and approved tassels, sashes, pins, hoods, cowls, mantles, cords, insignias, or medals signifying achievement, honor, participation, membership, or recognition may be worn.


NO TICKETS NEEDED: Tickets will not be needed for entrance to graduation. There is plenty of seating available at the UCCU Event Center.


PARKING: Graduation parking will be available for all who attend. If special parking needs are required (i.e. handicap parking) there will be Events Center staff available as you arrive to provide assistance and direction. Parents and family are encouraged to arrive early to secure a parking spot close to the venue or to ride Trax.


GRADUATE BEHAVIOR: Great effort and planning have gone into making this graduation event a special and rewarding experience for graduates and their families. Graduates need to remember that there will be consequences for any violations of the Jordan School District policies and those violating will be removed from participation in graduation. Efforts have been made to streamline the ceremony while maintaining the dignity of the occasion. Cooperation and appropriate behavior on the part of all graduates, family, and friends will ensure the success of this event. We encourage everyone to celebrate the success of our graduates; however, we ask family members to refrain from shouting or using any type of noise makers while names are being read, as this prevents other student’s names from being heard. Graduates are expected to be on their best behavior. Any misbehavior, or inappropriate attention-getting actions, may result in removal from the ceremony. The Class of 2024 has worked hard and deserves a positive and memorable experience for their final high school event.


GOWN RETURN AND DIPLOMA PICKUP: Following the ceremony, graduates will process from the floor back out the tunnel and upstairs where they will reenter the facility to return gowns and pick up diplomas. Please do not interrupt this procession as we need to get the gowns back in a timely manner. This area is small and can get crowded easily. For this reason, parents and other family members may not accompany their students into this area. Pictures of graduates, in their caps and gowns, need to be taken prior to the graduation ceremony, as students will be returning their gowns immediately after the ceremony.


Thank you for your investment in your student’s education. We are very proud of these students and their accomplishments. Please take a few moments to discuss the above items with your student. We hope in these remaining few weeks of school, students will regularly attend their school classes and continue to work hard to follow through with, and complete their assigned work, so they can look forward to a wonderful experience at their High School Graduation!



Bingham High School Graduation Committee and Administration