Dear Bingham High Junior Students and Parents,
All Juniors at Bingham High will have the opportunity to take the ACT here at the school on FEBRUARY 27, 2018 for free.  In preparation for the ACT, Juniors will be completing the “Non-Test Portions” of the ACT Answer Booklet in their assigned Social Studies class between February 5th and February 14th, 2018.  The ACT organization requires that this be done prior to the test date.  ACT does not allow students to complete the “Non-Test Portions” on the day of the school ACT test.  Students will NOT be allowed to take the test if they do not complete the “Non-Test Portions” in advance.  If a Junior does not have a Social Studies class they will be called to the counseling center to complete this task.
ACT scores are required by many universities as an important factor for admission and we want to provide our students the best testing experience possible. We strongly encourage all Juniors to be in attendance for both the “Non-Test Portion” activities in their Social Studies class and the school ACT test.  There will not be a make-up test day for those who miss the school ACT test on February 27, 2018.
An additional Skylert email will be sent approximately one week prior to the ACT day, which will include details, instructions, locations, times and other information related to the ACT test day.
Bingham High School Administration