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 The philosophy of Bingham High School is that the explanations, clarifications and discussions that take place in the classroom are invaluable components of the school learning experience, and that a natural consequence of absence from the classroom is reduced academic performance. It follows that a minimum attendance level is required as one of the criteria for the awarding of credit. Utah's Compulsory Education Law states that all school age children must be in attendance at school unless there is a valid and legitimate excuse (Utah Code 53-A-11-101). At Bingham, credit is placed on the transcript when a student earns a grade and meets the attendance requirement. The goal of the proposed Bingham High School attendance procedures is to increase student success by encouraging daily attendance and make up of work missed due to absence, and by helping students develop responsibility in preparation for attendance expectations in their future careers.   Research indicates that poor school attendance is directly linked to a decline in academic achievement. Researchers also report that absenteeism results in lost productivity for teachers, students, and the class as a whole, as well as an increase in teacher workload. Studies also recommend that school, state, and community implement comprehensive attendance policies to combat truancy. The development of the proposed policy was guided by a desire to meet the following criteria: . The policy must provide a strong incentive to attend school regularly. . The policy should encourage the make up of work missed when a student is absent from school. . The policy must not be overly punitive. . The policy must be manageable for teachers, the attendance office, and administrators. . Ideally, the policy will be based on a framework that has a track record of success.

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