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Arena Scheduling/Registration

Registering A New Student

Process for Pre-Enrollment for 2020-2021 school year:

Bring ALL the materials listed below (under New Students) to the Bingham High Attendance Office (801-256-5110) BEFORE April 27, 2020 to be granted access to Skyward to build your schedule yourself prior to the first day of school. If your information is turned into the Attendance Office by April 27, your student will be able to get on Skyward Arena Scheduling to build their own schedule beginning May 6-7 for current 11th graders, May 11-12 for current 10th graders and May 14-15 for current 9th graders.  Arena opens at 3:00 pm on the first day of each group and closes the next day at 11:59 pm.

Students who register AFTER April 28, 2020 will need to call the Bingham High Main Office (801-256-5100) beginning in June to schedule a new student appointment with a counselor in August. At the appointment in August, the counselor will build the schedule for the student.
Counselors will NOT be available for individual new student appointments prior to August. New students and their parents are encouraged to attend the Sophomore Orientation which will be on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 from 6:00 - 8:00pm in the Bingham High Auditorium. 


New Students: Out of Jordan School District, Out of State, or Charter School
(Never enrolled in Jordan School District)

The following items are needed before a student can enroll. These must be brought to the Attendance Office:
  1. Copy of student's transcript from ALL previous schools (9-12 grade)
  2. Test Scores (state standardized test scores)
  3. Immunization Records
  4. Original Birth Certificate
  5. Proof of residency/Copy of permit
    1. ​​​​Parents must provide 3 proofs of address; click HERE for the forms that may be submitted.
  6. Copy of IEP (if applicable)
NOTE: You MUST notify previous school of plan to withdraw. Students CANNOT be enrolled at both schools.

New Students: In Jordan School District Transfer

  1. Apply for a permit (click here)
  2. Be offered a seat
  3. Accept seat (the student will automatically be enrolled at Bingham the Monday after the seat is accepted)
NOTE: You MUST notify previous school of plan to withdraw. Students CANNOT be enrolled at both schools.