Mathematics Home

Math:   The BHS math department has 15 super math teachers. They are highly qualified and most have master’s degrees. All of them love teaching and enjoy working with students and want all their students to succeed. 


Each teacher is available for student help most mornings (Monday - Thursday) from 7 – 7:25 a.m. and most afternoons from 2:25 – 2:55. Students should contact their teacher when they need extra help. 


There will be morning and after school tutoring starting  in September and test make-up  sessions will also be available Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon.  Charts will be posted in the math hall with days, rooms and times available. The tutoring schedule is also available on the BHS website. 


Make-up packets are available for Secondary 1.(See Mrs. Ioane for  information on these packets).   If you are a senior and are interested in a math cord see Mrs. Ioane. 



  1. Lambourne (M101) Secondary Math 3H, Math 1030, Math 1050, Math 1060
  2. Sorensen (M103) Math 1050, Math 1060, Secondary Math 3
  3. Ioane (M102) Secondary Math 3, College Prep (.5 credit- first semester only), Math 1050, POP
  4. Jensen (M107) Math of Personal Finance
  5. Linford (106) Pre-Calculus, Secondary 2, AP Statistics
  6. Peterson (104) Secondary Math 2H, Secondary Math 3, Secondary Math 3H
  7. Maxfield (M106) Math of Personal Finance, Secondary Math 3
  8. Gordon (105) Secondary Math 2, Secondary Math 3, Secondary Math 3H
  9. Shallbetter (M104)  Secondary Math 3, Secondary Math 2
  10. Cannon (E202) Secondary Math 2, SecondaryMath 2H, Computer Programming
  11. Wells (M108) AP Calculus AB/BC, Secondary Math 2, Secondary Math 2 CT
  12. Bussell (103)  Secondary Math 2H, College Prep (full year), AP Calculus AB
  13. Sainsbury (M105) Secondary Math 3, Secondary Math 2H
  14. Warren (E202) (B day) Secondary Math 2
  15. Newbold (M102)  Secondary Math 2H, Secondary Math 2