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The Bingham High School Social Studies Department strongly believes in the concepts of responsible citizenship, lifelong learning, effective communication, and complex thinking. Accordingly, it has developed a curriculum of rigor and relevance that provides a variety of opportunities for student growth and learning. Students are encouraged to think objectively about the world and American societies and to apply the past to the present. The Social Studies Department teaches a wide variety of required, honors, concurrent, advanced placement and elective classes. Students completing their required courses many choose from regular World Civilization, US History and US Government, or Honors World History, concurrent US History (History 1700) and US Government (Political Science 2060), or Advanced Placement US History, Political Science and World History. Those who wish to take additional social studies courses as core electives may choose from Psychology I, Psychology II, the American West, Economics, American Problems, Sociology or any of the seven advanced placement classes offered which include: AP Economics (Macro and Micro), AP Psychology, AP European History, AP World History, AP Art History, AP Political Science (US Government and Comparative World Governments), and AP US History. Those students completing an addition credit of Social Studies (4.5 credits) and have earned a “B” average in those classes can qualify for a Social Studies Cord. Those who take the additional social studies credit, achieve a “B” average, and complete about 15 hours of qualifying social studies enrichment activities can earn a Social Studies Letter. Those interested in these programs should ask their social studies teacher or see the Social Studies Department Chair, Mr. Crump.