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 Mini Miner Preschool


The Mini Miner Preschool Program is designed to help train high school students to plan, prepare and present developmentally appropriate curriculum designed specifically for young four to five year old children. The students are certified in CPR, First Aid and have their Food Handlers permit. They are trained and supervised by their instructor, Janae Dunn. These students have completed courses in Child Development and ECE and love working with children. Many are interested in careers working with, and teaching young children. 


Preschool begins this year on the first Monday/Tuesday in October and runs through the third week of May. If the High School is not in session on one of those days, then preschool will not be held. We run two separate preschool sessions. You can choose Monday/Wednesday or the Tuesday/Thursday session, both begin at 9:30 am and end at 11:40 am. The student teachers will rotate based on our "A-day/B-day" schedule.  There is a $40.00 nonrefundable registration fee to hold your child's spot. The cost of preschool is $85.00 per month, starting the first week of October. Children need to be 4 years old by September 1 of the school year in order to qualify for our program. 


We begin registration for the next school year in February. You may call Janet Bojak, our preschool assistant at 801-256-5100Monday-Thursday 9am-12:30 pm. The main office will transfer you to our Ext. 75138 to register your child or for further information. You may also contact us by email: or email Mrs. Dunn (high school preschool instructor) at 

To register: First complete the online registration. Click below for which day you would like to register for:


Monday/Wednesday Online Waitlist (We are currently full)


Tuesday/ Thursday Online Registration (We have two spots available)



Once you complete the online registration, you will need to come into Bingham High's Main Office.

At that time, you will need to:

-Bring a copy of your child's Birth Certificate

-Bring a copy of your child's Immunization Record

-Pay the $40 nonrefundable deposit in the Bingham High Main Office to reserve your child's spot

-Complete the district registration packet (Available in the Bingham High Main Office, WILL NEED TO BE RETURNED TO THE MAIN OFFICE ONCE COMPLETE)


Janae Dunn
Bingham High School
FACS ECE/Child Development Educator

Mini Miner Preschool 
801-256-5100 ext. 74118