Each month, each faculty and staff member at Bingham High School receives two blank "Copper Certificates."  They are encouraged to use these certificates to recognize students and colleagues for the amazing things they do.  The faculty and staff members are asked to award the certificate directly to their selected recipient.  They then submit a drawing ticket for that recipient to the "Copper Certificate Drop Box" in the main office.  At the end of each month, the administration randomly selects 4-6 students and 2 faculty/staff members as drawing winners.

Student Copper Certificate Drawing winners for the month of December:

Elle Anderson (not pictured)

Olivia Harmer (not pictured)

Karly Hartle

Cody Stettler

Noelle Wilkins

These students received a $20 gift card to Culver's and were encouraged to keep up the great and positive contributions they make to the school.

Faculty/Staff Copper Certificate Drawing winners for the month of December include:

Hilary Hanseen (CTE – Pro Start)

Kari Ortiz (Special Education Department)