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Student Government 2022-2023

Student Body Officers


Lily Couch - SBO President

Grady Lynch - VP Assemblies

Abby Rose - VP Historian

Jacob Lever - VP of Spirit

Caleb Cox - VP of Activities

Jack Headrick - VP of Service

Gabe Caine - VP of Public Relations

Emily Applegate - VP of Technology


Senior Class Officers


Evan Margetts - Senior Class President

Trevor Kemp - Senior Class VP

Ashton Clarke - Senior Class Historian

Christopher Block - Senior Class Secretary


Junior Class Officers


Boston Richards - Junior Class President

Annie Millerberg - Junior Class VP

Kaydee Stanley - Junior Class Historian

Hayden Day - Junior Class Secretary


Sophomore Class Officers


Ali Owens - Sophomore Class President

Ammon Bytheway - Sophomore Class VP

Ava Simmons - Sophomore Class Historian

Will Evershed - Sophomore Class Secretary