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Student Government » 2020-2021 Class Officer Elections

2020-2021 Class Officer Elections

Hey miners, it’s time to vote for your 2020-2021 Student Body Officers. Please go to the link sent to you in Skyward to vote. You can ONLY be logged into your Jordan school email to vote or else you will be given an error.
You are voting for your upcoming class leadership. Incoming seniors and juniors will vote for their top 4 candidates, incoming freshman will vote for their top 2. Every vote is verified to ensure results are fair and accurate.
There are lots of ways you can learn about your candidates.
  1. You can check the Bingham Instagram page for all of the candidate’s campaign posters throughout the week.
  2. Click the candidate's name below here to view their poster.
  3. Check out Bingham IGTV for the class campaign videos.
  4. You can check out the compiled videos below. Remember to go to the correct timing for your candidate, or watch all the way through.
Have fun, stay safe, and remember to vote! Voting for class officers ends May 1st at 2:30 p.m.