Welcome juniors, to AP Language and Composition!

So you don’t get terribly bored this summer, or let your literary brains get too rusty, how about a little summer reading about a scandal, forbidden love, and intrigue … It’s all part of your summer homework assignment—to read The Scarlet Letter.
The other assignment is to become familiar with newswriting and issues surrounding the Press.
There’s also a little vocabulary associated with each assignment, because, hey, words are always fun.

I recommend you purchase The Scarlet Letter; it’s available at all book retailers, usually around $5-6. It’s better to have your own copy because then you can annotate it (that means write in it whenever you find cool things, words you don’t know, or even when you question things).
However, you can also check out a copy from the main office at Bingham. If you do so, use post-it notes to annotate. If you get one from a public library, be sure you can keep it (or renew the check out) until September, as you will want to have it available when we discuss it in class.

Both rather innocuous assignments are due when school starts in the fall.

Have a great summer. Do something “newsworthy,” and come back ready to roll.

Mrs. McCandless