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Mr. Andrew Bird » Welcome to Ceramics!

Welcome to Ceramics!

Welcome to Ceramics!
I have a great love for the creative process and for creating things in clay. Clay is an amazing material. You have probably seen pottery, sculpture, etc. but did you know that tiles are made of clay, toilets and sinks are also made of clay. There is clay in electronics, appliances, dental work, and even in your cell phones. In my classroom we are going to focus on the art side of Ceramics.
I am a realist! I know that most students will never touch clay again after my class. There are three things I hope students learn in my class:
1. You CAN do hard things! If you are willing to give a lot of effort, be productive in class, and determined to do your best and never give up you will be successful. Ceramics is not an easy A.
2. The creative process. You can take an idea from your head, make a plan, and from that idea and plan make really cool things that you will be proud to take home.
3. An appreciation for Art, specifically Ceramic Art. Students will gain an understanding of what it take to create quality Ceramic Art.
Oh yeah.. I like to have fun.  I try to make the environment in my classroom safe, positive, and fun. I think 2018-19 is going to be a great year!
So welcome and let's get started!