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Dance Department Performing Arts

Dance Company Auditions 2021-2022 

May 13th and 14th 


Ballroom Team Audition 2021-2022

May 15th


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Gina Terrell has been dancing since she was 3 years old and has loved every minute of it.  She has been professionally trained In Modern, Contemporary, Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Cheer/Song Leading, Ballroom, and Tumbling/Acro.  This is Gina's 11th year at Bingham High School Coaching; Dance Company(11years), Ballroom Team ( 7 years), and teaching the extra curricular dances classes; Dance 1, 2, and 3, Hip-Hop, and Social Ballroom Dance 1 & 2.  She also taught Dance at Albion Middle School for 2 years and coached cheer and songleading at Hillcrest High for 4 years.  Gina graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor of fine arts in Modern Dance expanding her skills in modern, ballet, pilates, folk dance, african, music and choreography, improvisational dance, dance kinesiology, and teaching methods.  Gina was also a member of the University of Utah’s dance team Crimson Line performing at many major events including the Fiesta Bowl, NCAA Basketball Tournament, University of Utah football and basketball games as well as the Utah Jazz.  Gina has been professionally choreographing since 2004 for many High School Dance Companies, drill teams, cheer/song squads, and within the University of Utah for her dance degree.  Most recently Gina choreographed for BRINE, a professional dance artists show down town at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center October 2017.  She started choreographing at a young age along with many dances in middle school and High School concerts including Dance Company, musicals, and cheer/songleading.  Gina started professionally performing in the year 2004 and most recently with BRINE for her fourth season 2018.  She started performing at the early age of 3.  She graduated from Hillcrest High School and was a dedicated member of both Dance Company and cheer/songleading all 3 years.  Her senior year she was appointed Dance Company President and Varsity Song Captain.  Gina’s dream has always been to teach dance in a high school and have her own Dance Company.  Her love of dance expanded into Ballroom and she has loved every minute of it. She has loved being apart of the Bingham High Schools faculty and LOVES teaching at such an amazing school.