Drum Line / Winter Drum Line

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Drum Line / Winter Drum Line
    Welcome to the official page for everything regarding the BHS Drum Line. Check back here often for information and announcements though out the individual seasons.  Details regarding the Fall marching season are available under the 'Marching Band' tab or on the Band Calendar on the main page.  Also, check out the unofficial Facebook page of the BHS Drum Line here.
 Winter Drumline Parent Meeting will be held Thursday, November 29th, at 6:30 pm in the Bingham Band Room
Congratulations to all students, audition results are below.   Section Leaders TBD by interview

Snare- Noah Henrichsen, Xavier DuQuette, Hunter Eardley

Quad- Ashton Van Der Veur, AJ Mendenhall,Star Passey

Bass- Ellen Mattle, Hunter Veltri, Sadie Bailey, Brandon Black, Denver Henrichsen

Cymbal- Sara Norton, Keri Hoth, Cecilia Curtis

Marimba- Jordan McMillan, Elise Edwards, Cameron Chamberlain

Vibe- Katia Meekins, Ben R

Aux Mallet- Kay Tolman

Synth- Aaron Hansen, Connor Ekins

Aux- Dinorah Gonzalez Garcia

Drumset- Marshall Pease