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Sheet Music / Sound Files

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Sheet Music / Sound Files

    This page contains sound files of pieces currently being performed by, and can be used as a reference for, students in the Bingham Bands.  Sheet music and Finale sound files for the marching band pre-game show are also found below, however, only sound files for this year's fall marching band competition show are listed here, (and also under the BHS Marching "Miner" Band tab) due to copyright restrictions.  The actual sheet music for the marching band fall show is distributed by staff or section leaders every season and also cannot be provided on this website for viewing / downloading by the general public.

    Percussion music for pre-game will be available here soon along with concert percussion exercises, etc.  However, actual percussion sheet music for the fall marching band competition show will also only be distributed by staff / section leaders every season due to copyright.  Percussion music for Drum Line / Front Ensemble auditions along with sheet music and sound files specifically for auditions will be found on the Band Department Audition Materials tab.  Check back here often for frequent updates, new reference sound files, and concert recordings throughout the school year.

This years' sound files from other links: