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Bingham Bands » 8th Per - Elec. Music / MIDI Composition

8th Per - Elec. Music / MIDI Composition

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Electronic Music Composition / MIDI (Non-Core Class)
Electronic Music Composition / MIDI * 0.5 credit FA
Grades 10 - 12
Fees: $5 Course fee

    Electronic Music Composition / MIDI is an elective class for Fine Art credit, and usually consists of Bingham students who are not usually involved in the Music Department.  It will introduce students to music software currently in use in the music industry while encouraging them to expand their knowledge of music composition and how separate musical parts come together.  Students will study basic music theory, write and transcribe written music, create original melodies, mix sound and MIDI files to create original compositions, and will produce a final project utilizing all of the elements learned throughout the semester in the form of a multi-movement musical work.  Finale and Live music software will be used.  Students will need to be self-starters as there will be periods of time where they are expected to work alone on their own projects.  Because expensive software will be used and most students will not have access to it at home, there will not be any homework assigned as all work will be expected to be completed in class so attendance is a major part of the final grade along with the final project.