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Instrument Fingering Charts

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Wind Instrument Fingering Charts    
    The following resources were taken from Mr. Graber's publication titled "The Use of Alternate Fingerings as a Means of Just Intonation in the Modern Wind Band", so feel free to download and print these off as needed.
    These fingering charts display the standard fingerings (std) and alternate fingerings that alter the intonation +/- 5 cents sharp (hi) or flat (lo) without significantly altering the timbre of the tone.  There are also a few optional fingerings for 4-valved brass instruments.  These charts cover the standard range of the instrument with a few exceptions.  These charts do not cover trill keys / fingerings, or address alterations in embouchure, except for the double reeds as there are other resources specific to these topics on the web.
    For fall marching band students, mellophones should download the trumpet fingering chart, and trombones (who march baritone / euphonium for the fall - we do not march trombones) should download the baritone bc fingering chart.